jekyll & hyde

I was shopping recently and i have find a store that sell new MESH MALE AVATARS … it’s really well done, with lots of deteils and a 2 huds that allow you to wear clothes and to change the skin ! 
But as you can see, guys you have to love to look like a bodybuilder under steroids lol … it’s huge and i felt like a monset lol
SO it came to my mind to make this picture around the Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde story :) Hope you like it :)

Styling Doctor Jekyll :
Jacket // KAUNA // Military retro jacket
Pants // LADIES WHO LUNCH // Inventor pants
Shoes // PIXEL FASHION // Bradford shoes
Gloves // DAVINEL // Jackal gloves
Hairs // EPOQUE // Pomp it up
Glasses // A&Y BUNKER CYBERCITY // Hi-Tech Cyber Glasses
Skin // AEROS // Andreas peach
Pose // POSESION // Rose 3

Styling Mister Hyde :
Mesh avatar // L’UOMO // Gary mesh avatar
Skin for mesh avatar // PRODIGAL FOR L’UOMO // Dan medium stuble
Foot // CHEERNO // Feet V2
Pants // SYS // Atlas sarouel mesh pants
Chains // EGOISME & GABRIEL // Fashion victim outfit
Syrings hairs // NEUROLAB INC // Sting hair
Pose // LOST WORLD // Stand action

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