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Cade Nansen

redlilyMEDIA CEO & Co-Founder cade@redlilymedia.com

Jesika Contepomi

Jesika Contepomi, Co-Founder and CEO of redlilyMEDIA, comes with an abundance of PR, Marketing and New Media Experience. Having spent the last 3 years as Chief Marketing Officer of AVENUE INC, Jesika is highly acclaimed in the Second Life community for her stellar marketing campaigns and consultancy. A Marketing and Online Community Consultant in real life, specializing in emerging technologies, for 'real life' brands such as HBO, Samsung and Verizon, Jesika has had the opportunity to work on national viral campaigns, reality tv series and global advertising strategies alongside some of the best known agencies in digital media. Having first stepped …

Maven Poulter

Maven Poulter joins redlilyMEDIA, as the Chief Marketing Officer, with a strong marketing background facilitating designer's ability to create and still run a successful business. As Vice President of Marketing for Vanity Hair, Jador Fashion, and E'lan Fine Furniture and Accessories Maven has managed groups, coordinated bloggers, searched out fairs and special events, and evaluated new locations. Customer service, arranging hunts, and maintaining good relationships with fashion models are other components of her philosophy ..."protect the artist's time to allow their talent to flourish". This experience awarded Maven insight into what is required in the competitive SL business world and …

Clem Velinov

Clem Velinov joins redlilyMEDIA as the Chief Creative Officer. with a print background having worked with such publications as Oh Boi, Pulse Magazine and Modavia. With a self proclaimed photoshop addiction and SL photo editing experience since the day she joined, Clem continues to grow through her experiences and is consistently pushing her creative genius. Creating is a necessity and everything she does is for fun. Known for her easy-going and humorous nature Clem may be joining the team as CCO…but says "I think Professional Weirdo Creeper is better." Clem Velinov redlilyMEDIA Chief Creative Officer clem@redlilymedia.com

Kaysha Piers

Known for her classic and outspoken designs from her brand Osakki, Kaysha Piers joins the redlilyMEDIA management team as Graphic Designer. Self described "photoshop junkie" since fifteen, Kaysha studied at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA and is currently a working freelance graphic artist and publication designer but especially works best in packaging and branding strategies. Starting SecondLife over three years ago, Kaysha immediately began honing her virtual design skills and was instinctively pulled into fashion. Since then, her passion has expanded into photography, architecture and design within SecondLife. Kaysha offers a stylized esthetic that is unmistakable. …

Taylor Nansen

Taylor Nansen (Wassep) joins redlilyMEDIA as Project manager having worked exclusively in marketing with various companies such as SL Art Couture. Having been on the grid for more then two years and about one year actively in fashion world as a model, Taylor also worked with Associated SL Press as a report and events manager. A consistent blogger for such major SL brands as FINESMITH, Ladies Who Lunch, and GizzA, Taylor most recently opened her own hair store, UrbanLutz. Met with much admiration and praise for her artistic and avant grade styled hairs, Taylor is excited to further her professional …

Devine Hunt

redlilyMEDIA Executive Assistant devine@redlilymedia.com

Wicca Merlin

Marketing Manager